Collection: "at a glance"

Floyd Paint & Paper for Artist: Caleb Mahoney

 Caleb is a fantastic artist and a longtime friend who really understands the importance of mark making. Some of his iconic shapes and line work really lend themselves to pattern. Working through the medium of screen printing, we really wanted the wallcoverings to feel like his work.

 This wall covering is hand-painted/screen-printed made to order in the USA. We paint/screen print with Benjamin Moore paint for durability and spot on color matches. The benefit of using Benjamin Moore Paint is, it allows for repairs if damage occurs after installation or wear and tear. Damage can include simple paint touch ups or even repairing a hole with drywall. If this happens we recommend hiring a local decorative painter or someone with some artistic ability to connect lines in the pattern after the damage is fixed, primed and base coated. Reference your Benjamin Moore color deck when scheming materials and textiles.