Collection: Lacquered Handmade Paper

These 20" x 30" handmade paper blocks are imported from Nepal. They come with a beautiful deckled edge and finished in our "Mottled Lacquer." We have spent over a decade working with Fine Paints of Europe "Hollandlac Brilliant" and have come up with a way, adapting it to this beautiful paper. If you're not familiar with this paint by now it has an unmatched level of gloss. The install photos shown in color "Evening Dove" from Benjamin Moore. 

These can made to any color from any paint supplier, Benjamin Moore, Fine Paints of Europe, Farrow & Ball, or Sherwin Williams.

Blocks install as any other paper, we recommend pasting wall and paper for a good bond. 

Each block is 4 sqft, but we recommend taking the full square footage of your wall and dividing it by 2.5, and this will give you the number the blocks needed. This ensures you have enough with a little extra if any damage occurs in the future. Just remove the block with the damage and paste a new one in its place.